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Doula Support from Preconception and Pregnancy to Postpartum Care

Personalized Doula Services for Our Clients and Their Partners


You’re having a baby and we can’t wait to help you feel supported through personalized doula care. We’re a full-service concierge agency providing pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support for expecting parents in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Whether your conception was a natural process, aided by modern medicine, surrogate, or adoption, Doulas of Capitol Hill will help you navigate the entire journey through expert care, best practices, local resources, and support so you feel confident in your choices and prepared to be a new parent.

We Recognize Memories in the Making.

手机开奖号码结果查询澳洲10历史开奖查询: WHAT IS A DOULA?

回顾澳洲10历史开奖,分析彩票的发展历程,为彩民提供更全面的信息。提供便捷的手机查询服务,方便彩民随时随地获取最新的开奖号码结果。Our doulas are professionals providing expert physical and emotional care to our clients through the different phases of having a new baby.

We provide specialized labor and birth services while working collaboratively with your doctor, nurses, or midwives.

Our doulas continue to offer services through your baby's first year to ensure our clients feel comfortable and empowered as they celebrate becoming new parents.

We provide 100% non-judgmental inclusive support to your family to make sure you have the best experience possible.

A new baby is one of those unforgettable moments. Doulas of Capitol Hill is honored to be a part of your story.


What makes Doulas of Capitol Hill unique is our personalized support through specialized concierge services and the connections made in our parent network. When you hire us, you are not just hiring the primary doula of your choice, but a company that was founded on supporting the entire family, building the community, and growing our profession.

  • A preconception or fertility doula is a source of support and information for those who are considering having a baby, have been trying to conceive, are undergoing fertility treatments, or have experienced a loss and need support with the emotions and challenges of trying to conceive again.


  • Being pregnant is a one-of-a-kind experience for every new parent. Our doulas are there to support you from the start of your pregnancy all the way through labor and birth with a wealth of information, resources, and hands-on help as you navigate questions about your changing body and the emotional highs and lows as you prepare for the birth.


  • Our labor and birth doulas are focused on supporting you through labor and birth so you never feel alone. We do not replace your birth partner, but instead, offer support, remind you to ask important questions to your medical team, and take care of your emotional well-being allowing your birth partner and you to focus on the birth experience and welcoming a wonderful new baby into the world.


  • There are few times in your life that you will take time off from your career. Our doulas will assist with baby care, family adjustment, meal preparation, and light household tasks as you take time to bond with your infant, and build confidence in your parenting choices and style.


Concierge Services for your every need

Doulas of Capitol Hill is ready to help expectant parents with their every concern.

You’ll find our doula services include concierge options that cover everything from maternity photography to a personal chef, massage therapist to a personal shopper, and even proper installation of your car seat. We specialize in working with high profile clients.

We look forward to supporting your journey!


“Charnise and Celina have already been wonderful, and really put my mind at ease. I feel like a new person today after getting a full night of sleep..”

— Rachel O

“Without the support of our doula Charnise, my husband and I could not have had the natural childbirth we envisioned. Her support took us through a totally unknown and new experience with such care and wisdom, and despite some hurdles, we were able to have the birth we had so hoped for.”

— Stacey M

“She gave us space to think things through and decide what we wanted and she assisted with all of our interactions medical with the staff at the hospital.”

-Shadé V

As Seen Here

澳洲幸运十168官方开奖历史号码记录+开奖号码查询直播:DISCOVER YOUR COMMUNITY

详细列举澳洲幸运十168的官方开奖历史,帮助彩民了解过往开奖趋势。通过实时直播方式,让彩民即时获取澳洲幸运十168的开奖号码,增强参与感和互动性。Doulas of Capitol Hill has built a community of support that offers a place to meet other new parents through a private social network, monthly meet and greets, or quarterly social gatherings.

We’ll direct you to brands we love, local businesses that can support new parents, and virtual communities that offer specialized support for your family’s unique needs.